Social Entrepreneur Roundtables

Social Entrepreneur Roundtable

Cogent’s Social Entrepreneur Roundtables are an opportunity for social enterprises to discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship and impact investing as well as to share and exchange resources.


Public benefit corporations, for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises are invited to the Social Entrepreneurs Roundtables. The only requirement is that the participating organization is mission-driven and interested in the impact investing community. After exploring roundtables of up to 15 participants, we have limited the number of attending organizations to 4 in order to maintain an intimate setting where we can dive deep into topics with the entrepreneurs.


The purpose of the Social Entrepreneur Roundtables is to create an environment of peer learning that facilitates the expansion of the Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem. We have found that group discussions are fruitful for entrepreneurs because although the stage, scale, and structure of each of the attending organizations varies, their questions about impact investing and business overlap. As a result, the agenda for the roundtables has evolved to emphasize open discussion followed by networking:

15 mins – Introductions
45 mins – Open discussion guided by Cogent
30 mins – Informal networking

The Social Entrepreneur Roundtables serve as an easy, low commitment entry point to the Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem for the entrepreneurs and an efficient way to keep a pulse on the activity and challenges of the social enterprise community for Cogent and the Hub.


The Social Entrepeneur Roundtables are hosted at the Impact Hub MSP

Parking and Directions:
250 3rd Avenue North, Suite 550
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Office phone: (651) 318-2800

Parking and transportation can be found here.

Once you arrive you will walk through the yellow door for the Traffic Zone Art Gallery. Then walk through the gallery to the elevator on the right side then go up to the 5th floor.