Cogent U: Impact Investing for Social Entrepreneurs

This virtual course is designed for social entrepreneurs, whether leading a for-profit or a nonprofit venture, who see impact investing as a possible new source of financing for their business.

It will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate the types of capital and potential sources in the investing field. You will learn the best practice processes of preparing, soliciting, and receiving investments for your social venture. You will also develop your own venture pitch that is appropriate for the investors you intend to approach.


Cogent’s Social Entrepreneur Roundtables are an opportunity for social enterprises, impact investors, and career shifters to discuss the challenges of social entrepreneurship and impact investing as well as to share and exchange resources. The purpose of the Social Entrepreneur Roundtables is to create an environment of peer learning that facilitates the expansion of the national field. The Social Entrepreneur Roundtables serve as an easy, low commitment entry point to the Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem for all. If you are a social enterprise, impact investor, career shifter, and seeker then this is for you!

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Build Forward Better: The Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem Conference

Cogent presents over a dozen guests with proven social impact strategies, nearly all of who are offering their valuable experiences as BIPOC. Featured Guest, Dana K. Bezerra, President of F.B. Heron Foundation, opens the day with her insights from over a decade in the field. Stick around for opportunities to network and hear from other key guests. If you are a professional looking for ways to invest in social good - or are already doing so - don't miss this day of powerful knowledge and connections.