Cogent U

Cogent U is a series of trainings that will help build awareness for the needs of Impact Investing in our communities. Through a combination of experimental and traditional learning, Cogent U will equip you with the tools you need to pursue this field and it’s many facets, whether you’re a foundation, investor, or social entrepreneur.

Cogent Team

Cogent University Offerings Summary

Impact Investing 101 for Foundations: What is it and how do foundations engage?

  1. Learn what impact investing is, the industry vocabulary and its norms
  2. Understand how foundations can and are engaged in Impact Investing
  3. Learn from foundation examples
  4. Begin to think about how to use this in your work

Impact Investing 201: How do foundations do impact Investing?

  1. Understand stages of engagement by foundations along the journey of impact investing
  2. Determine where your foundation is in the journey
  3. Build understanding of steps to take in each stage

Impact Investing 301: How to integrate this new knowledge into our work

  1. Assess how this new knowledge fits with your current work
  2. Understanding the work of making investment choices
  3. Developing strategies to bring this knowledge to others at your foundation
  4. Gathering resources you can use

The first round of Cogent U is tailored towards foundations. We know how hard and overwhelming it can be to learn about Impact Investing. Does your foundation struggle with:

  • Engaging your Board of Directors, Trustees, Investment Advisors, and colleagues on the topic of Impact Investing
  • A lot of skepticism about how Impact Investing works and how you can apply it to your foundation
  • How to find impact investments that meet your foundation’s mission, equity and inclusion values, and/or geographic footprint
  • Understanding the accounting and legal implications/boundaries for foundations to make investments
  • Conducting financial due diligence on potential impact investments

If that's you and your foundation, then Cogent U can help! You will be able to find opportunities to invest and help your foundation make progress towards impact alignment of all assets.


We will be hosting three sessions in total:

Sessions available:

  • Impact Investing 101: Friday, November 5, 10-11:30 AM (CST)
  • Impact Investing 201: Friday, November 12, 10-11:30 AM (CST)
  • Impact Investing 301: Friday, November 19, 10-11:30 AM (CST)

This includes two individual one-hour consultation sessions with Cogent Consulting team members of your choice, scheduled between group sessions or shortly thereafter. Seats are limited.

During this Three Part Series We Will Cover


Overview and hot topics in Impact Investing with real examples of how foundations are engaging


The steps a foundation typically takes to apply their impact priorities and mission-aligned strategies to investing


Strategies and practices to make impact investment decisions

After taking Cogent U, you will be able to learn how to discuss Impact Investing topics with financial staff, committee members, and advisors, seek out opportunities to make impact investments, and help your foundation make progress toward impact alignment of all assets.

With impact investing on the rise, there is a demand for more in-depth information from experts in the field. This is where Cogent U comes in! As a foundation, you can not only play a critical role in Impact Investing but help arm the next wave of Impact Investing professionals.

Seats are limited
so you don't want to miss out!