Who Knew We Have A Hotly Bubbling Twin Cities Impact Investing Scene?

ON September 12, 2016

Who Knew We Have A Hotly Bubbling Twin Cities Impact Investing Scene?

Minnesota Council on Foundations

In my sixth blog post as Minnesota Council on Foundations’ Executive in Residence, I reflect on the recent convening of the Twin Cities Impact Investing Ecosystem.

Eighteen months ago, independent financial advisor and Hub member Jina Penn Tracy decided to connect with other experts about aligning mission and values. She asked Danielle Steer, community manager at Impact Hub MSP, to help, and together they created the Hub Impact Investing Community of Practice. They invited active impact investing practitioners to join and the18 of us started meeting monthly chez Hub.

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What I'm doing now

Who knew how much I missed business travel? Despite the still-cramped seats, forced close proximity to other humans in a small capsule, and a few crabby passengers, after a 2 year hiatus, it was great to get back on the road. Thank you Impact PHL for giving me an excuse to visit our long-time client The Barra Foundation in Philadelphia. Their Total Impact Summit was invigorating, educational and inspiring, especially seeing all the local funds and Black led developers working to create economic opportunities in the city. Can’t wait to go to San Francisco for SOCAP and the National Center for Family Philanthropy conferences in October. Ping me if you’ll be there!