Can Business Do Well and Good?

ON May 6, 2016

Can Business do well and good?

Minnesota Council on Foundations

As the Minnesota Council on Foundations’ executive in residence, I will be regularly contributing posts to their blog. In my first post I reveal my journey into the impact investing world and the questions which have driven my pursuit to enact positive social change.

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What I'm doing now

When COVID-19 and the ensuing economic disruption hit, I worried that impact investing would recede as investors sought comfort in old-style investing and social entrepreneurs kept their day jobs. Luckily, my worries were for naught: more investors are interested in doing good and doing well. More philanthropists are looking for innovative ways to address the multiple crises we face: health, economic, racial, civic, climate, and rural. Social entrepreneurs are launching and growing their ideas to address the world's problems. These leaders give me hope!