Investing for Impact in a Post-Trump World

ON December 7, 2016

Investing for Impact in a Post-Trump World

Minnesota Council on Foundations

This month’s blog post addresses thinking about impact in a time of uncertainty.

This month I was going to write about gender lens investing. I had a lot to share about all the research that shows that companies with 3 or more women on the board or in management outperform those that don’t. I wanted to give a shout out to MCF member InFaith Community Foundation for their new gender lens portfolio and feature our made in Minnesota women led-angel investing group, the Sofia Fund. But that will have to wait until next month because I have to say something about the election that stunned us all.

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What I'm doing now

When COVID-19 and the ensuing economic disruption hit, I worried that impact investing would recede as investors sought comfort in old-style investing and social entrepreneurs kept their day jobs. Luckily, my worries were for naught: more investors are interested in doing good and doing well. More philanthropists are looking for innovative ways to address the multiple crises we face: health, economic, racial, civic, climate, and rural. Social entrepreneurs are launching and growing their ideas to address the world's problems. These leaders give me hope!